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     Here, among the colors and the scents of the Gulf, she begins to paint her emotions.

Free from any academic refinement of style,

ceaseless experimenter, she studies and uses all the techniques

of painting preferring portraits and landscapes at the beginning.

Later on, she turns to a stylistic code full of unconscious and dreamlike

accents, dwelling upon the value of the symbol.

During these years she reaches a more intimate expressive manner,

attentive to the symbiosis between human

nature and destiny,

driven by changes in the ego and overwhelmed by ineluctable events.

Art is a path of life intertwisted to its inner need : it is this path that gives

art rhythm and substance.

Rosaria Barbarinaldi – also poetess - always looks for an emotional pathos,

a balance between being and becoming. Today, she defines

her painting "conceptual and introspective, between symbolism and surrealism .

" As artist of the matter, in her chromaticism a contralto can be found in both her

suffused and bright strokes, syncretic,

joined together in a symphony that despite

being aware of a real and present spatial dimension,

is finally transfigured in the

"suspended," timeless world of ideality.

She has exhibited in Italy and abroad since 2008.

In 2013 she is appointed "Master of Art" and she is awarded the

International Art Prize "Apollo" with the following motivation:

"for having sown, with her choices,

applied to contemporary interpretative strategies, the Gem of

an exclusive and personal investigation,

aimed at the identification of new patterns of thought”.